Island Of Barbados

Explore Barbados

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Explore The Exciting Island Of Barbados



images-2Barbados is an island in the Caribbean that has something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in shopping, the ocean, the mountains, or the night life, you’re bound to find something to pique your interest in this warm, welcoming island paradise.

Barbados’s capital is Bridgetown, a city with about 80,000 inhabitants. The city is a great place to take in the local culture and enjoy some duty-free shopping. The famous river Careenage is a popular tourist destination. It was once used to ply trade routes through the city (and slowly establish a thriving commercial district), but it is now primarily used for pleasure boating trips down the historic city 

If you’re heading to Barbados to soak up the sun, then Accra Beach is a place you must visit at least a few times. Accra Beach is the most popular beach in Barbados, with white sands and clear blue waters. Tourists and locals alike love strolling and playing football on the shores, as well as doing all sorts of water sports on the water. Simply taking in the view makes for a pretty interesting day.

If you prefer to enjoy the sun in solitude, then there are some beaches on the east and north sides of the island that offer stretches of white sand with little, if any, people on it. Should make for an interesting walk beside the waves without the noise and distractions of a busier beach.

Head to the northern portions of Barbados if you prefer to enjoy the mountains. This portion of the island offers some spectacular views of the cliffs and the ocean beyond. Aptly called “North Point,” this part of Barbados is a great place to have picnics and simply enjoy the quieter, more contemplative side of the Caribbean.

Another place to visit is St. Lawrence’s Gap, an almost mile-long stretch of road that has many of Barbados’s best night spots and shopping centers. Aside from the obvious appeal of “The Gap,” this is also a great place to see the workings of this interesting little island. You won’t appreciate Barbados completely until you see dancers do the Soca at one of the island’s popular, enjoyable parties.


When you visit Barbados, there’s always something to do – whether in town, at the beach, in the mountains, or in the streets after dark. Better yet, why not experience all of it?

Island Of Barbados

The Weather In Barbados

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Sunny All Year Round

barbados weatherBarbados is one of the Caribbean island that enjoys hot weather all year round, making it one of the most appealing travel destinations in the world. It is in the tropics, which means the mornings are warm and breezy – perfect for a day in the water. And when the sun goes down, the comfortably cool night is perfect for a night in town to take in the rich local culture.

Barbados’s comfortably warm temperature hovers around 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (24 to 29 degrees Celsius), with the nights only a bit cooler. But even on particularly hot days, trade winds blow through the island constantly, so it never gets too hot.

It’s never a bad idea to spend the day at one of Barbados’s white sand beaches, enjoying a good drink. If you’re feeling adventurous, you always have the opportunity to take a few rounds of snorkeling, diving, or boating on a catamaran in the clear blue ocean – something usually reserved for luxury up in more temperate climates.

At night, the temperature dips as the sun goes down, but that doesn’t mean the excitement at Barbados follows suit. Barbados’s night spots light up as parties start early – and you can pretty much bet the locals know a thing or two about partying. Learning how to dance the Soca can be an exhilarating diversion for even the most experienced partygoers.

The island of Barbados is a rather dry place, so rain showers are always welcome here. It almost never rains for very long at one time, and it usually takes very little time for any water on the ground to dry up. This is mainly because water immediately drains into the ocean or into one of the island’s lakes under the ground.

The Caribbean gets battered by hurricanes every now and then, but for some reason Barbados seems to be away from the hurricane belt. It’s been well over half a century since its last hurricane – the last one was in 1955 – and even back then, it wasn’t that powerful. In fact, most locals who remembered that hurricane speak fondly of the pleasant weather it brought with it.

If you’re looking for a comfortably warm tropical island to spend your holiday in, Barbados is a solid choice – it’s charming enough to be familiar to most travelers, and unique enough to give visitors an unforgettable experience every single time. There’s always something to do in the island of Barbados no matter what the weather may be.

Island Of Barbados

A Brief History of Barbados

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A Paradise Island in the Caribbean

Barbados, an island in the Caribbean, greets visitors with a friendly atmosphere. This paradise offers a many adventures under the sun. Enjoy your vacation on a powdery-white sand beach where you can commune with nature as you indulge in surfing, swimming, and snorkeling. Sail with friends, cruise on a catamaran with your sweetheart, take the challenge of diving to sunken old ships, or tour a submarine. You may also witness the enchanting beauty of Harrison’s Cave for yourself.

One should not miss walking on the streets of Bridgetown and basking in the wonderful traces of its rich history. Pamper yourself with duty-free shopping, and relax and unwind at one of the bars and night clubs, especially the island’s pride, the Harbour Lights.

Bridgetown, with a population that reaches eighty thousand, is the capital and business hub on the Caribbean island. Early settlers called this place “Indian Bridge” because Indians had constructed a rude bridge over the river they now call Careenage. At one point the place had been called “Town of Saint Michael” before it was given the name Bridgetown.

In 1872, the Chamberlain Bridge was built. It was originally designed as a dangle bridge controlled by two local Barbadians, giving people access to the inner basin of the Careenage. This bridge was replaced with an advanced lift bridge in 2006.

The Careenage is known for its significant role in the past, as it was the center of commerce among the groups of islands. Today the river is plainly used for large motor boats like yachts, fishing boats, and catamarans.

Barbados is sometimes called England’s better-looking, more tropical cousin. So if you’re looking for fun under the sun, the Caribbean island of Barbados is the right place to go.

The Barbados Airport is known as Sir Grantley Adams International and is conveniently located ten miles or about half an hour’s drive from a variety of locations.

The climate is warm and fair all throughout the year, with temperatures ranging between 75-85 °F. It’s normally a little bit cooler during night time. The consistent north-east trade winds make the temperature endurable despite the warm and sunny climate all year round.

The dry season typically lasts within the period from January to June. The rain generally comes as quick showers. People in Barbados enjoy fair weather with normally sunny and warm days, chilly breeze and welcoming nights. Barbados is a tropical island, but many residents put on sweaters during cool nights because they find it cold even when the temperature is at a balmy 78°F.

Hurricane season comes between June and October, as Barbadians say “June too soon, October all over.” The island is exceptionally porous so it rapidly absorbs tropical rains into the sea and into lakes just beneath the surface.

Hurricanes typically shun Barbados. As they spring up the African Coast and start their way to the Caribbean, they sweep north approximately one hundred miles from Barbados.

This structure is practically ordered because hurricanes are inclined to spring back from a body of land to another and Barbados is slightly isolated from the Caribbean group of islands. This however does not mean that it is resistant to hurricanes, but the very last occurrence of a hurricane that Barbados endured a direct hit was in 1995, which according to a story was a “slightly refreshing wind”.

Spending your vacation on this paradise is truly an event you wouldn’t want to miss!