Barbados Night Life

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The Night Life In Barbados – What To See

The wildly enjoyable Barbados night life revolves around three things: food, shopping and lots (and lots) of dancing. Many tourists love going to Barbados over and over solely for the night life, as the island’s locals definitely know a thing or two about partying. You should never use up all your energy enjoying the island’s beaches, rivers and Cliffside’s during the day, as the other half of Barbados comes out only after the sun goes down.

Most of Barbados’s bigger towns are dotted with several bars and clubs, which makes a place to cool down after a day’s worth of diving and snorkeling pretty easy. These night spots come in all shapes and sizes – whether you’re looking for a nice chat over a cup of coffee or some wild dancing with the locals, you won’t need to look far.

St. Lawrence Gap, simply and fondly called “The Gap,” is also a popular night destination for locals and tourists alike. The Gap is a one-and-a-half kilometer stretch of road lined with bars, night clubs, hotels, restaurants, and night markets. If you don’t feel like enjoying the Barbados night in only one place, then make it a point to visit as many points of interest on The Gap as you can – there’s always something interesting around the corner.

Another popular mainstay at St. Lawrence Gap is dancing the Soca. Some reggae and music is also popular on The Gap, and there’ll be lots of dancing everywhere you look on a good Barbadian night.

If you’re looking for a place to party and sample some of the Caribbean’s best seafood, then you might want to head to the town of Oistin, in Christ Church. Every week the locals hold a big party called the Oistin Fish Fry Festival, where you can visit mini-cities of shacks and sit down to a variety of menus. Of course, you won’t find any less Barbadian dancing in this festival, as well!

There’s pretty much something for everyone in Barbados, whether or not the sun is up. If food, shopping, and lots of dancing is your idea of the perfect holiday, then a trip to the island of Barbados might just be what the doctor ordered. What’s more, the party doesn’t stop when the sun rises – Barbados has a whole slew of enjoyable daytime activities you can enjoy, too!